About Me

My name is Simo, I am a passionate adventurer of life. I am here to share my insights on cosmos, nature and spirit. Channeling passion, inspiration and joy.


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About Me

Welcome to the Light Roots, my name is Simo. My goal in life is to be inspired by following my joy and passion. Going with the flow of life and making practical decisions through that. I love to share fascinating stuff, which I have learned on my journeys with you, my dear reader.

On my daily life I offer soundhealing concerts, write stories and ambassate people towards greener future. My professionality encompasses being a soundhealer, gong master, ecovillage movement ambassador and a freelance writer. Being a keen accumulator of information. I have found, that it is one of my calling to share fascinating things I have learned with the world.

The idea of Light Roots came to me one day - when I understood, that I had many great projects going on, but everything was scattered around the net. Wondering wouldn't it be great to make it all available in one place.

Here you go, most awesome blog in my life. Hopefully you find something for yourself!


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