Merkaba Soundhealing was founded in 2016

Our main activity is to offer sound therapy concerts

We use gongs, crystal singing bowls, our voices, and various musical instruments. People listen to the concert while laying down. It is recommended to be as in a comfortable position as possible because the sounds are going straight through the body while massaging every cell of it.


Sound therapy is a scientifically researched field that is applied in some countries by official medical institutions.


Sounds help to relieve stress, revitalize & heal the body and turn off your ordinary consciousness. Gongs and crystal singing bowls are generating soundwaves, which are affecting brainwaves and changing the listeners' state of consciousness. While being in different frequency states, we experience the world differently.


Seeing yourself from a new and different perspective, we can overcome our problems, understand different situations and realize our behavioural patterns.

In addition to musical instruments, we also use our voices, which help to create a direct and immediate effect between the listener and performer.

Mirjam is a Magical Reiki practictioner, Soundhealer, raw foodista and most important a mother of a child. She is an avid astral traveler who hears the reflection of universe from within. Mirjam has been eating raw foods for 9 years, she is a DoTerra Wellness Advocate. Mirjam has ability to hear a cosmic symphony in an altered state of mind.

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Simo is a gong master. He has been taught by Don Conreaux, Alicia and Richard Eilijakas. He has played in many different countries (Finland, Denmark, Ireland, etc.). He has written a book on sounds and uiverse. His aim is to discover the true potential of music. Simo believes that with music it is possible to awaken the human soul in the body.




"Sound therapy is a scientifically researched field that is applied in some countries by official medical institutions."

Sound therapy is suitable for events, parties, gatherings, meditations, both for children and adults.


Through workshops, concerts, and music, we help to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.


Inspired by this, the creative mind wakes up. Some people have been sleeping for a long time and forgotten themselves. Fortunately, everyone can change his own life at any moment. We need the correct tools to achieve it.