The word retreat comes from old Latin word "retrahere", which means to pull back.

In our retreats we take time out for few days to rest from everyday noise.

You are welcome to cocreate exciting journeys with us.

The trips take us to many different places. We play music while traveling, do workshops and meet inspiring people. It's nice to meet like-minded people. Collective energy helps to strengthen our soul. We can contemplate at the campfire, create sound landscapes, or just be here and now.


Our mission is to help to heal the Earth.

The tools for it are music, good will, happiness, and joy accompanied by sacred sites, ancient groves, and forests. Creating a common intention by singing runic songs and channeling the sounds of nature. It is all part of the Merkaba Soundhealing mission. You can invite us to retreats, festivals and sacred sites.


Our next retreat: Elokesa 2019 | 10 July 2019 | Estonia

The Art of Love Creating a great power!

Dear co-worker, you are welcome from 10 -12 July in Uhtjärv Ürgorg, the Sorcerer's State, where the Elokesa Retreat will take place in 2019.

We offer you a full package of powerful workshops, delicious meals, a pleasant stay and a sauna in a wonderful Witch State. The event takes place far from the middle of Võru County forests.


A special force has come to give us the opportunity to connect with nature, to experience sounds and to craft powerful objects with our hands. We make a fire at the forest, listen to healing sounds and channel everything.



We'd love to hear from you!