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3 Foods for Testicles

Here we are the Men of the Species. Each one of us is special and for that we need some testicle boost. Here are three foods for testicles.

1. Avocado

Avocado comes from Nahuatl (Aztec) word "ahuácatl " meaning testicle. Avocados are one of the main fruits, that I eat. Because they give confidence and will-power. They are green coloured, therefore, are good for opening our hearts. Aztecs believed eating avocado makes passionate and aroused lovers. Avocado is associated with feminine qualities as well. Beauty, taking care of yourself and fruit cycle lasts for 9 months (just like a baby). Nevertheless, avocado helps to boost your erection powers. Helping the blood flow nicely and gently. Avocado is said to be a whole food. Therefore containing many of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need. Many Native Amerian tribes had some superhuman abilities. I believe much is related to the vegetation and foods, that they ate. Like Chia seeds, Cacao beans and Maca roots. They all are awesome and also to boost Masculine confidence. Supplying us with proteins, rising the levels of testosterone and opening the compassionate warrior heart.

2. Figs

These awesome fruits represent testicles by hanging by two. Many varieties of Figs are grown around the world. From deep green to the purplest of purple. Figs are associated with health and wealth. Little fig seeds look very similar to sperm. The Greeks considered them as ideal food. The word "Fig" comes from Arabic meaning testicles. These amazing little pieces of fruit are there to boost mobility of your sperm. In ancient cultures sperm was considered sacred and no one was there to waste their own life force. It was said a sacrifice for a child was a piece of male sperm, which was released in the act of creation. Figs have been considered a perfect food in many cases. One of the longest cultivated fruits. Helping your lungs and sperm channels find a stabile ground. Man's chest is his greatest richness. When testicles and chest breathe in unison a man is made. Figs are full of calcium and many vitamins - they boos our system for a feats possible only for a Man.

3. Peanuts

Peanuts another favourite food of Aztecs. Representing fierce masculine fire. Peanut shells look like testicles and there is a lot of fire into them. Earthed fire we must say - a man brings the woman down to the earth with his concrete will-power. Peanuts contain high-level of zink, which is associated with increase in sperm-count and motility. Peanuts are associated with sexual stamine due the high amounts of amino acid L-arginine. Being excellent source of Biotin, which is formerly known as vitamin H. They create a general well-being in a person. Full of proteins and boosting your confidence. We all get caught by the peanut butter - it is because we need to boost our sense of confidence. Being clear, realistic and strong are some of the traits of a man. Never go far with those qualities, but a good balance is essential and peanuts are there to create it. Peanuts help to lower levels of unhealthy cholestorle, therefore, aiding in the flow of blood. One of the main traits of a male being is a good blood flow. Then we can become clear minded and knowing what we really want clarifies. Hopefully this article brought some clarity. Which Male empowering foods do you eat?

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