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5 Tips To Manifest Awesome Reality

Updated: May 4, 2019

Often we are not satisfied enough or we want something more. I am on my way to an amazing reality, which is full of creation. On this post I am going to share 5 tips, that have helped me on my way.

1. Acknowledge your manifestations

We all have experienced we want something more or it is cool to manifest new stuff when we are living a spiritual life. Usually we forget the things, that have brought us to this given point. Life itself has been our beautiful manifestation. Fluctuating from one point to another. Now it has come time to make a change and then we start to search for it desperately. Forgetting, that object are just a mere reflection of our inner selves. Everything that is outside is within. We tend to forget this universal principle quite often, but no worries - everything is forgiven. It is just important to give our best each day. Earth lovingly contributes to our own well being when we begin to accept her as she is. It is great to know, that you are already a master manifestor. You have manifested all your life. It has been created by your emotions, feelings and thoughts. They have just materialised. Creating a certain pattern how you feel - attracts similar outcome into your surroundings. Ofcourse there is alot we have been gifted from our parents and familiy. Accepting our reality also unfolds the process of forgiving to all your relations. Everybody is trying to do the best they can to live their lives. When you are blaming somebody, that we have got such a bad home, town or a workplace. We should remember it has been a cause of our own invitation by allowing other peoples shit come to our own space in the beginning. It is just a matter of taking viral action how we deal with it. They say that smiling is the greatest gift a child has. It is really easy to burn evil away with an opened heart. Let's start opening our hearts and we will become great again. Flower that blossoms is always a beauty to be seen.

2. Hear your needs

Being an uncle is an awesome thing, when you can communicate with a two-year-old. She is such a guru when she shouts out her needs and shuts down the boundaries. There was this comic about dad trying to get a kiss from his daughter - child just blocks him and says "No!" Dad replies "Great you nailed it, you know how to respect your boundaries." She does same kind of thing. Some adults get really annoyed when they are trying to force a free-will of a little one and a child just retaliates. It just shows some really bad behaviour on the side of the adults. No worries, when we develop our respect towards all living forms grows especially towards our own children. Atleast they are the best example knowing what is really important in life. A child always follows one's passion. Is happy, merry and joyful. We all have got something to learn from there. To check in each day to our core purpose of coming on this planet. To live our lives the best way possible. Let's remember who we came to be here. What were the things you were interested in kindergarden - how you loved to present yourself, which topics were most interesting to yourself. I remember being a cosmos advocate to other children in the kindergarden. Also there was a big definition of god in my life. There are always some dormant natural abilities in you - like crafting, dancing, singing, laughing, weaving etc.. It is time to remember our infite #awesomeness so we can head to our next chapter. :)

3. Be thankful

Saying "Gracias pour la vida," is another form of manifestation. Then we attract all the good things into our lives. Usually we are not sure what we want. Atleast not in all the details. If you know perfectly what you want and it rings in your heart - then just be thankful. Knowing that you have your desired outcome already is the greatest key to manifestation. Being thankful amplifies the process by a million. Actually thankfulness is a feeling, not a phrase. But the words are the creative essence of our universe. They can be utilised in igniting feelings in ourselves. One of my favourite mantras is "thank you." I do it in many different languages to get it right. It is for the times when the feeling in the heart is lost. This mantra helps to remember enourmous thankfulness towards everything in existence. Being unconditional helps us to project our desired outcomes - that sounds paradoxical, but is not. We can say thank you about anything in our lives. It can be so called negative or a positive thing - we are looking space between the good and the bad. It is called balance. Star Wars is more real, than you could ever imagine. Giving thanks to your beloveds is a great exercise. #givethanks

4. Allow it to unfold

Life is a great mystery - when you let it unfold in unexpected directions. Sometimes we desire something so much, that we forget all the blessings around us. In that moment energy may get stuck and you fall into a stagnancy. It is always imortant to create a momentum when life brings you surprises. We did a manifestation meditation, that time I had no expectations just went in. I saw a really nice silver cloured Mercedes Ben - I was driving with it to my summerhouse. Few months after the meditation it really manisfested in really unexpected circumstances. Situation was crazy and I had forgotten about the car, but there it was. Most important about that manifestation was, that I checked in and asked from myself - what do I really need for this moment. There it was a car. Usually we are used to needing all kinds of stuff, but in that case I was in a quite opposite stadium. Just letting go and concentrating on other aspects of life after the meditation. Keep your focus on the present moment and create with the energy, that is available in the now. #feelingalive

5. Take your life as it is

Excapism is nowadays a common syndrome. People want to get away from their own manifestations. Being afraid to really take in all the light we get stuck in forcing our reality. Many good things want to come to us, but we tend to worry and dislike our present contitions. Such behaviour creates more of the unwanted. It is a great mastery to take your life as it is now. Being happy about it and in difficult situations breathing deeply in. Relaxation is the greatest key to manifestation. Everything is always in creation - you choose what you need, but if you cannot let go then there will be nothing new. Breaking out from the vicious cycle may sound hard. Nevertheless, it is easy to find you passion and joy. The universe will begin to support you instantly from that moment on. Realisation is the key factor and letting in all the good things. Let go from the old to make room for the new.

Your life is already perfect - it is all about your own perception. #perfectlife

What about you? What have you manifested with ease in your life? Are you living your purpose?

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