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Barefoot running - why, how and when?

Spending your time barefoot is truly wholesome experience. Every adult and child should be encouraged to act like-wise. We shape the connection with mother Earth in that way - we become more patient, vibrant and silent. We calm down.

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#Barefoot running

I was in Cyprus during the turn of the year. Mostly I went around barefoot and had amazing experiences while doing that. All days long I toddled in the ocean. Went through the city streets barefoot - sometimes wearing shoes. During those swaps of footwear I began to notice huge difference in my body. Walking around with shoes for a while - my back started aching and my feet got exhausted really fast compared to the time being barefoot. To explain it, I have got quite expensive Nike running shoes, which should make your running and walking simple as breathing. They are supposed to support your sole 100%. One morning I woke up around 5 a.m. and had a feeling it is time to go for a run. What's on your mind will be done in a moment. This time I felt I should go running barefoot. I had already heart about it from many people and ordered pair of Earth Runners barefoot running sandals. Therefore, I went for a run and it was so refreshing. My body felt really light, feet were moving in this kind of natural pace and I had almost no sweat (sweating is good for you, but sometimes when you run you get this nasty sweat). I ran for many kilometres until I reached the beach and went for a swim. After that I run a little bit further and found an awesome place to do my morning yoga and watch the sunrise. Nevertheless, when I finished and went back to the lodge I was staying at. I was completely refreshed and smiling. It was around 11 a.m. and there was no exhaustion nor any hunger. That was the moment when I actually realised how cool it is to run barefooted. The experience made me wonder how easy it is to gain energy from the ground. Being earthed seems to work wonders. All the rest of my holiday in Cyprus I went around barefoot. Walking and swimming in the sea 6-8 hours a day. I had such amazing otherworldly experiences - saw some pieces of the future and actually organised my life into a settled reality. Many little issues were solved with the help of grounding. Taking few steps towards an authentic well-being and suddenly you are full of power. One thing there was, which I did not like. Concrete floors, roads and synthetic places. They make your feet dirty and are not as conductive as you would expect them to be. For that reason I ordered myself running sandals to walk around more freely in some places. #Groundyourself You can order your own Earth Runners barefoot running sandals from the link. They have supported me quite a bit after the trip. They have in built copper connection with the earh, which helps to sustain our connectedness to the ground. It is easy to run with them in a forest, on rocky mountains and they are excellent for walking. #earthingandgrounding

Check out my video, where I talk about barefoot running:

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