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Cultivating White Semen Tantra

Many men are obsessed with a culture of ejaculation. Is it necessary for us? Where lies our life force? What is true manliness all about?

Desire, desire and desire..

Many people are obsessed with sex - men and women. Is our culture driven into mad sodomity or are we just being sad about our unsatisfied needs. Most commercials on the TV cultivate a desire oriented culture. In such situation we are consuming as much as possible. We get frustrated by our surroundings and have to discharge it somehow. Many men get caught into that vicious cycle of unsatisfaction. Reason is not having a proper sexual education in their childhood. We get told something about sexual behaviour, but mostly it is about condoms and bullshit. We tend to get carried away by all the desire - most children admitting they have watched pornographic images. For what reason we are following this madness. Is it time to change our behaviour and begin cultivating inner strength. Making our semen sacred should be the number one goal. In the school, or even at home - older males would be telling little boys how their entire life force is stored in the sperm.

Unleash your power

Growing that power inside can create endless inner orgasm. Great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Plato etc.. cultivated their life force. Coming out from the closed circle of desire and capturing their true force into magnificent creations. Every time an erection takes places a large part of our life force goes into nothingess. Unless we have decided to create a child with a beloved partner. Every time a man and a woman are having an intercourse - a soul of a child has been invited to embody on earth. But, when intercourse takes place for the sake of lust - or with weapons of pregancy avoidance. Little soul gets stuck for a while.

Semen is sacred

Our semen is sacred. In old cultures it was said, that there was a sacrifice made for each child who was born. The sacrifice was a sperm used to create that child. Here you see how important it was to cultivate your vitality. Each man should nourish themselves with proper plant-based lifestyle. We are great gods creating reality for our beloved women. We are supposed to be vital forever even in the old age. Never forget that - in its essence semen is supposed to rise up in our body. Not out when it is not a time to create child. Instead of ejaculation we should aim for inner orgasm, which will last for eternity through our creative effort in maintaining a safe ground for atmosphere of love. We are the men. A man never gives his strength away. The most important force within is our semen - it is sacred.

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