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Living in a Plant-Based Bubble

Sometimes we tend to forget, that this world is full of many different people. Me and most of my friend eat only plant-based diets. It is important not to forget, that all people have not yet made such decisions. Let's give them peace and sincere respect.

This morning an interesenting insight hit me. I was doing my morning exercise routine - we had my brother visiting us with his family. They all were sitting by the table and eating breakfast. Suddenly I realised, that they all are eating totally different foods than I do prefer.

I have been a vegetarian around 6-7 years and now mostly eating raw foods. For me the obvious things to eat are fruits, buckwheat sprouts and spirulina. Sugar comes only in a natural form - if we do not take account delicious kombucha, who loves eating all that sugary stuff. My blessed angel shroom. :P

Whatsoever, the discovery was as follows: that my relatives are full carnivores and at the moment not taking any inspiration from "healthy living" style. My bubble of plant-based foods exploded. Most of my friends are vegetarians, vegan etc.. Atleast they all have oriented on a journet of self-developement.

Nevertheless, I had a chance to digest this information for a moment and suddenly I was smiling to myself. I realised that all of our life is based on our own choices. Everyone has their own array of decisions to be made. Let them be who they are. My lesson was to take life as it is and I felt such a letting go. My job is to be the advisory on my own journey.

Everybody has got their own choices to be made and it is totally alright for them to choose, which seems the best option in their own lives. I felt appreciation towards my relatives and thankfulness. My heart was smiling. Only change in my life is the one I make within - that is the best change ever.

I can now live in total peace surrounded by folks of many paths. There is no more separation - it is union. There is just understanding, that everyone is living one's life in the best way possible.

Much love,Simo

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