The sounds by their very nature contain the original vibrational pattern of the World. The purpose of healing is to rebalance our body, heal our cognitive organs and recenter the mind.


This journey takes us for an in-depth inner exploration, where people can experience different states of consciousness, see images or feel other bodily sensations. This form of therapy can be called the wholesome in its essence.

Healing sounds create a natural space for the children to be. They are able to feel safe while listening. The sounds remind them of being in the mother's womb.


Meditating with crystal singing bowls, will assist in creating a deeper connection between the child and the parent. The reaction of children to the sounds is always very spontaneous.


They experience healing sounds right away. Many autistic, hyperactive and nervous children can calm down while listening to the magical sounds of crystal bowls.


Are made of clear quartz crystal. Their sound creates otherwordly divine sound patterns. In North-Finland, Kainuu audience compared the sound of bowls to the aurora borealis (northern lights). Ringing at the pure high-frequency wavelength, they aid our consciousness to commune with the universe and dissolve energetic blockages in the body.


Their original purpose was to grow crystals for the space industry. Later it was discovered that when the bowl is hit, it starts to ring wonderfully. Their sound has a direct effect on the cellular structure and it is possible to heal our bodies through all the levels. They have the ability to connect our subconscious with the super-consciousness.






The sound of the gong conceals the voice of entire space and time momentum. Bathing in the sounds, the listener can experience sound materialization, trips between dimensions and vivid dreams. There are many different gongs. We mainly use gongs tuned to forces of nature and planets. First findings of gongs originate from Greece around 800 BC.


The sound of Gong can affect our stem cells. Helping dysfunctional cell programs to recover. Healing sounds influence pyramidical structures in the body that work in the same principle as the crystal and chlorophyll molecules. The human body consists of 70-80% of water, which could be influenced by the sound creating crystalline structures in body fluids.


This type of singing has been sung by the Sami, Mongols and many other indigenous tribes. Its origin and tradition go beyond all kinds of national borders, Throat singing has a healing effect, it helps to create a connection to your roots.


Listening to it, our body is grounded and it is possible for our senses to return to the original state of creation. Throat singing in nature creates a very special atmosphere. Their sounds join with the water, birds, thunder, and wind.


The sounds of nature begin to complement the primitive grumbling song. They create a space in which the listener can experience complete oneness with nature. In addition, throat singing is really enjoyable to different animals, who have really curious while listening to the sounds.