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My name is Simo, I am a passionate adventurer of life. I am here to share my insights on cosmos, nature and spirit. Channeling passion, inspiration and joy.


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For your body, mind and soul

The sounds by their very nature contain the original vibrational pattern of the World. The purpose of healing is to rebalance our body, heal the cognitive organs and recenter the mind.


This journey takes us for an in-depth inner exploration, where people can experience different states of consciousness, see images or feel other bodily sensations. This form of therapy can be called wholesome by its essence.


Healing sounds create a natural space for the children to be. They are able to feel safe while listening. The sounds remind them of being in the mother's womb.


Meditating with crystal singing bowls, will assist in creating a deeper connection with oneself.

Their sound creates otherwordly divinesound patterns. In North-Finland, Kainuu audience compared the singing bowls to the Aurora Borealis (northern lights).


Through workshops, concerts, and music, we help to raise the collective consciousness of people.Inspired by this, the creative mind wakes up. Some people have been sleeping for a long time andforgotten themselves. Fortunately, everyone can change his own life at any moment. We need the correct tools to achieve it.

Sound therapy is suitable for children, adults, animals, places, events, weddings, parties, ceremonies,natural sanctuaries etc.

Contact: merkabasoundhealing@gmail.com